Three wise men started their journey to impress the king with their knowlege and to fix their position in the royal court as ministers. The capital was far away from home and unpassable. Knowing the difficulties they started their journey with the help of a map. The road comprises deep forests, huge mountains, unfathomable rivers, and endless deserts.

During the journey one man lost the way and estranged from the group.The other two pondered, trying to find out him is like getting blood from a stone and if they do so there was also a possibility that they could lose the way. There was also limited food and water. So Instead of looking for him they went towards the capital.
At last they reached the capital. Looking at their knowledge and skill the king was very much impressed and hired them to his council.
After six months a man resembling a mad beggar approached the royal court. It was discovered that This was the same man who had lost his way. The wise king made him the prime minister…


“Don’t worry. I will be alright in a few days.”
MY wife said. Her voice was low but vehement. Her pale face, scattered hair, and lethargic body had lain on the white bed of the medical. She has been suffering from brain fever. The doctor said she had very little chance of survival yet I haven’t lost my belief on her. I know she will be alright soon. My unconditional love will cure her.

Drops of tear fell down from my eyes. I took her hand on my fist. I caressed her forehead gently. I said,               “I know you will.”
I have never cried for a girl in my life. She is the first girl for whom I have such immense love. I am very strong while dealing with emotions. But this time I couldn’t conceal my inner thoughts. I have tried to hide my tears but I was defeated by the cruel emotions. This time my heart betrayed me. I was defeated by her love. She has already taken over me from me. My life is inextricably intertwined with hers. she now holds my life. I am incomplete without her. I have…


Once upon a time in a Persian city, there lived a carpet merchant. He had two sons. The elder is Qasim and the younger one is Alibaba. After their father's death, the greedy Qasim cheated Alibaba and took over his father’s business. Qasim became very wealthy and married a rich woman and began to live in a mansion. In contrast, Alibaba Lived in a small house with his wife and children. He made his living by cutting woods from the jungle and selling it. One day Alibaba was cutting woods in the forest, suddenly he heard the galloping of many horses. He hid behind a tree as he was afraid. He saw a troop of forty men on horseback each having sacks full of golds and jewelry. They stopped near a big boulder on the mountain foot. Looking at their daggers and swords he perceived their identities. They were the infamous forty thieves. “What are they doing in the forest,” he said to himself.

One of the thieves who looked strongest of them all came in front of the boulder and said, ”Khulja sim …


Once Lord Buddha was asked by one of his disciples, “Dear Lord, How can we get Nirvana?” Buddha said, ” It's very simple,By renouncing one's desires.” His disciple took his advise and went away. But again came back on another day and asked,”You have said to renounce the desire, But I can’t stop desiring. Can you show me the way to give up desires.”

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Buddha said, ”To find way is also a desire. So don’t find anything. Just stop to wish. Everything will be alright then.” The disciple didn't understand any single word of him. He again asked him to describe it more deeply with an example.
Buddha said, “Suppose there was a boat on a river. There was an oar on the boat. You wanted to sail it. You rode on the boat. First you threw the oar in the river. Then you wanted to tie the mainsail to the mast but again you didn’t do that. Then you only sailed through the current of the river.”
Again the disciple said hesitatingly,
“But like that I couldn’t reach my        …


Two friends Mr Sarat and Mr. Raghav were chilling out on a yard in a morning. Both were enjoying the green grass and the smell of beautiful flowers. There was a table in the middle of the park accompanied by four chairs. In the corner of the yard there was a cage and some small parrots were singing there sweetly.

Both of them went to the table and sat there. On the table there was one cup of hot coffee and an alcohol bottle and glass near the bottle.
Mr Raghav opened the alcohol bottle and poured it in the glass. Looking him Mr. Sarat took the cup of coffee in his hand and said,
“Why have you developed such a bad HABIT. Drinking alcohol in the morning is not good for health.”
Mr Raghav paused for a while. He took the glass of alcohol and drank the whole glass in a single stroke. Then he said,
“Why have you developed a HABIT of drinking coffee in the morning.”
“Are you mad, There is absolutely no comparision between coffee and alcohol.Yours is a bad HABIT and there is no danger in drinking …


Once there was a lion in a forest. He was the king of the forest. He was the strongest animal in the forest. Everyone feared him.
There lived two foxes who wanted to be the ministers of the king lion. They wanted to win the trust of the king to became his minsters. They were very cunning, but couldn’t found out any idea to impress the lion.

One day they saw a healthy bull roaming around the Jungle. The foxes had never seen such a strong and healthy animal before. Seeing the bull one fox said, “who is this new animal? He looks stronger than our king.” “We should inform our majesty about this animal. We should tell him that someone bigger and stronger than him was entered in the forest without his permission.”

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Soon they approached the lion and said, “Dear Lord, We have seen a new animal in your territory. He looks very strong. even stronger than you.”
The other cunning fox said, “But we have told him about you, We told him about your power. We have already told him t…


Once there were two bird friends. One was a crow and another was a stork. Both were very good friends. They lived together, ate together, played together. They lived on a huge banyan tree. The stork was a innocent fellow. He never hurts any other bird. Every bird loved her. He cared about all other animals. But the crow was a cunning one. He never respect any other animal. He was egocentric and selfish. He always trobles other birds. Every other bird hates him. The stork always advised the crow to behave well to others. He always said that you will repent one day for your doings.

One day a traveler came near the tree. He was exhausted by walking all day. Lookingthe shade of the tree he said to himself “I should rest for some time. The heat is unbearable. I will continue my journey in the evening.” He kept all his belongings under the tree and slept peacefully. After some time, The sunray hit directly on his face. The stork looked at him and thought “ what a poor man, he shouldn’t complet…


Aug 30, 2019 time 4.30 PM
I was on my bed, surfing the internet. I just woke up from a midday nap. Laziness didn’t allow me to woke up and wash my face. I was just waking up and switched on my mobile. Suddenly my mobile rang and I was astonished to see the caller.

It was Sneha. She told me that she would call me. But I never expected her call. She told me casually, besides she never called me before. I was nervous to talk to her on the phone. After some ringing, I received her call.
“Hallow, Sneha “ “Hii Surya, Good Afternoon. Are you free now.”
I asked myself is she called me to hang out with her. Am I that important to her? Is she aware of my feelings towards her? I have never received a call before from a girl. I have never got a chance to hang out with girls. I never felt confident with girls outside.
After taking a pause I said, “yeah, I am free. Tell me what do you want?”
How can I refuse her? After all, she is a girl and I am a boy, Refusing a girl is not in our DNA. We boys are alw…


Sikha was still asleep in her dark and spacious bedroom. In her soft, low bed with the white mushy blanket she was dreaming about her dream boy. A tall,fair,handsome,curly-haired boy with six-pack abs.She was just about to hug him when she was disturbed by the knocking of her door. She opened her eyes drowsily, rubbed her eyes and picked up her phone. It was 8 O clock in the morning.
“Mom, why are you disturbing me? It's not the time for me to wake up” “I ain’t your mom stupid, this is Lily.” Lily was a married woman and a friend of Sikha. she is a home maker and lives in Kolkata.
“Come in dear, What happened to you? why are you so serious?” She hugged Lily and kissed her on her cheek and went back to her bed. Lily came close to her and sat beside her in her bed. “O my dear, what had happened to me was disgusting. really disgusting. Promise me you don’t judge me for my doing. I haven’t slept yesterday all night, not a single minute. The thought of that man haunted me all night. ” Li…